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Appraising Photographic Negatives, Prints, Digital Files, Archives and Copyright

This guide was written for both appraisers and consumers of appraisal reports such as collectors, curators, museum registrars, fiduciary representatives, archive directors, lawyers and insurers.

The photographic image was first introduced in 1839 and is now ubiquitous throughout the world. Yet each image is different, even when they are from the same negative or of the same subject. Inventors, scientists and artists have created an unending array of photographic processes, each with its own unique visual signature.

The photograph appraiser must be able to correctly identify the object in order to value it properly. This guide does not replace connoisseurship in the field but will help both photography appraisers, and non-photography appraisers, as well as appraisal consumers to know when and where to seek outside expertise.

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